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As a parent, you have what it takes to get your child ready to start school and learning to read. 
You are your child’s first teacher. 
So, let’s get your child ready to read!

Loving, responsive interactions, along with meaningful conversations and interactive reading, are the most powerful things you can do to build your child’s brain. They provide the bedrock and foundation for all later learning.

This website will highlight things you as a parent can do to develop this foundation for learning. We will be exploring talking, reading and singing with your child.

Reading a Book

Let’s start our exploration by choosing the age of your child.



ages birth - 2 years



ages 3 - 4 years

You may be wondering what else you can do to actually make an impact in your little one’s growth and development when it comes to reading. Enter: creating a literacy-rich environment at home. It’s not all just about having books in your house, but you can take everyday items or decor and turn them into a literacy opportunity. After reading this post you will:

  • Know exactly what a literacy-rich environment is

  • Understand why creating this environment is important

  • 10 simple tips to creating a killer literacy-rich environment at home

Click an age or select up to 3 age groups to see the milestones to watch for during the selected period of life, and find age-appropriate resources to support your child’s development! Remember that development exists along a continuum, so not every child will achieve every milestone at an exact time.

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Looking for more resources in our community? Visit our resources page to learn more about programs like preschools in the area and how to get free books delivered to your home every month!

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